The Power of Self Talk

As far as I can tell, the fitness/lifting community is a motley bunch in terms of both consistency and results. There’s the ‘no pain no gain’ crew that seem to have an insatiable appetite for work – these folks will get in and crush it whether it’s 4am or 9pm and somehow seem to always

Big Changes – Kinda

So, just some random stuff. I’ve been struggling with disordered eating for a few years now. I started blogging about it, but didn’t feel comfortable putting it here so I started another blog to do it anonymously at Things are a lot better now, although I still feel like a mess at times. A

Made It

Back from 4 days travelling interstate with the family. This trip was much anticipated (having been postponed twice already due to COVID) and we definitely made the most of it. It was a nice break and we had quite a bit of fun, but it’s good to be home. I had two blowups at the kid.

Putting Food on a Pedal Stool

Good Morning! No, the title isn’t a mistake. It’s an IT Crowd reference, and if you don’t get it, well… I’m not sure if we can be friends any more but if you watch this maybe I’ll reconsider. Anyway… to the point of my post. My wife has a commitment on Monday nights which means she gets

Spoke too soon

Well, I shouldn’t have made that last post. That was a Thursday… Sunday night was F1 night – it was officially the end of my cut, and I was all alone in the kitchen. You can guess what happened…. On the upside, I think aside from about 4 or 5 cookies, most of what I

Signs of Progress

Phew – another overdue update. A few things have happened in the past little while, so I figured it might be time to share some stuff. First – about six weeks or so, I decided to try and lose some weight. My binging hadn’t stopped (although the episodes had become even less frequent and severe)

Overdue Updates

Has it really been that long since I posted? I’ve been meaning to post an update for anyone in internetland who still reads this. Obviously lots has happened since my last post – I’ll attempt to be succinct. I started lifting again a couple of weeks after my throat surgery. Sadly, the weeks of nothing

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Days 11-13

I have been a bit slack about blogging the last few days – so here’s a few updates. Bleeding – only some very minor bleeding on Friday (day 11), as far as I can remember. Mostly, it just seems to be phlegmy now. Pain – it’s gradually diminishing. It’s still the worst after periods of

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 10

Well, I did wake up and watch cricket at 3am. That was OK. But I’ve been even more zonked than usual today – napped after breakfast. Walked the dog, had lunch, then instead of lifting as I’d planned, dozed off again. I figured there’s no hurry, another day won’t hurt and clearly my body still

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 9

Still here. Slept part of the night horizontal for the first time since hospital. It was on the couch, but the wife heard me snoring from a couple of rooms away and I woke up with a crazy sore throat (as usual). Probably won’t do that again tonight, but there’s a cricket match at an

Surgery Recovery

So my last post might’ve sounded like it was all rainbows and butterflies but now it’s 9 days post-surgery and my perspective has changed a bit. The main challenge (and the one I was expecting) was the direct consequences of the surgery – I’ve been in constant pain, was off my head on opioids for

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 8

Another night on the couch – two decent snatches of sleep (a few hours each) broken by waking up in agony that Panadol and Zooper Doopers barely make a dent in. I’ve also had a bit of a stomachache all day, I think continuing to take the laxatives even after stopping the opiates might’ve been

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 7

Wow. A week since the operation already! I must admit, before this all started I thought I’d be feeling better than I am at this point. But you just gotta roll with it. Today started out shittily. I didn’t sleep well, and I’m pretty sure that my throat was bleeding most of the night because

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 6

Sleep last night was OK – maybe because I didn’t try to force it and stayed up until my eyes were closing by themselves, and drifted in and out of sleep til 2am or so. Got up to go to the toilet, spat out a big gob of brown stuff, and immediately felt a big

UPPP Surgery – A Poo Story

I mentioned in my Day 5 post that I did a huge poo today. Well I actually wrote a couple of posts about it on a forum, and decided to cross post it here, just because. So here goes: It’s true what they say about opiates and constipation, probably exacerbated by eating a lot less

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 5

Saturday today – the fifth day since the operation on Monday. I had really hoped that by now the worst of the pain would be past, but I really didn’t feel any better this morning. I was lights out by 10:30pm, but seemed to be waking up sore every hour or so and spent quite

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 4

Last night felt like I actually had close to proper sleep for the first time since the operation, instead of drifting in and out of painful semi-consciousness all night. At least, as close to proper sleep as is possible when sleeping in a recliner. I didn’t take an Endone before lights out and had no

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 3

Today wasn’t a great start to the day. Our five year old woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the dog didn’t want to eat his breakfast, and maybe it’s nocebo because of those things but by jingo my throat was fucking sore when I woke up. Gargling salt water didn’t help much,

UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 2

Last night was pretty yukky sleep wise, but probably not as bad as the night in hospital immediately post surgery. I got a little sleep, interspersed with Netflix. Started the day with a shower, Targen and Endone, then scrambled eggs and yoghurt. Winning. I was all alone today as the wife took the dog to