UPPP Surgery – Recovery Days 11-13

I have been a bit slack about blogging the last few days – so here’s a few updates.

Bleeding – only some very minor bleeding on Friday (day 11), as far as I can remember. Mostly, it just seems to be phlegmy now.

Pain – it’s gradually diminishing. It’s still the worst after periods of lying down, and mostly just uncomfortable when eating and drinking. Since Thursday night (so the last three nights) I’ve been back sleeping in bed, much to my wife’s chagrin – apparently my snoring has been horrendous. I’ve been taking Panadol once or twice a day but honestly don’t think I’ll bother from here on in – it’s not hurting too bad now and I honestly think a cold ice block is more effective relief anyway.

Training – I got back into the gym for a relatively light session of squats and bench pressing on Friday (day 11) and that all went fine. Naturally I’ve lost some strength – probably more than I expected – and the session also made me quite sore. As I write this though, it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just finished my second comeback session – best way to get rid of the soreness is to get acclimatised to training again.

Body weight – the day before the surgery I was 91.6kg on waking, and on Friday (12 days later) weighed in at 85.4kg – over 6kg gone in 12 days. A lot of it is water/glycogen and gut contents of course, but wow… it’s entirely unsurprising I’ve lost some mojo in the gym as well.

Overall feels – mostly just tired and run down, like I’ve got a bad cold. Can’t get enough decent sleep, and training is an added stressor. But I’m going to go attempt to go back to work tomorrow. Luckily I’ve done a few hours work from home in the past few days to stay on top of things and I’m hoping I’ll be able to avoid doing a full day and just ease into it.

Now it’s time for lunch, and hopefully a nap this afternoon.

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