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London, days 3&4

It’s been an epic couple of days.

Big deadlift training session yesterday, followed by a busy day doing touristy stuff – visited Kensington Palace, the Natural History Museum, Harrods, had dinner in our hotel room, went to bed.

Today was full on – slept poorly again, woke up at 5am or so, as did the child so we had a nice breakfast together and let a Clare get some sleep.

Went out, and since the attractions we wanted to visit didn’t open til 10, went to Maplin and bought some new Bluetooth headphones so I can hand my ‘cheapo’ set down to Emilia, they kept her pretty amused on the flight over watching Peppa Pig and The Wiggles on Clare’s tablet. New ones actually have active noise cancelling (which works surprisingly well) and come with a plane adapter so I can use them with the aircraft screens too. I started watching The Sopranos on the way over and can see myself binge watching some more on the way home, and the plane earbuds are annoying.

Emilia fell asleep at that point. Then it was the Lego store in Leicester Square, and the M&M World store across the way. We woke her up for this since she loves M&Ms and we bought her some personalised ones. Maybe this was a bad idea as of course she started on the choccies fairly early in the day.

Off to the London Eye after that, by the time we queued up three times (long story) and got on the thing, she was fairly hyper, but I think she enjoyed it. I didn’t, so much, as due to copious coffee and my prostate issues I was a bit preoccupied but there was nothing to be done once we were in the queue. I fair dinkum nearly bowled some people over running down the stairs to the loo as soon as we got off….. oh well, I’ve been on it before anyway.

Then it was late lunchtime, I had a slight meltdown dealing with Emmy as she was getting pretty hyper by this point, it was her normal nap time. Ate something, went and got another coffee, while her and Clare played with some tame squirrels in the park and got some amazing photos.

The weather started looking ominous at this point but we decided to stick with the original plan and get on the boat to Greenwich so we headed over there. Emmy wanted to go on a seesaw so we went to the children’s playground but she was too shy and tired to play, and even ice cream couldn’t save us from a minor meltdown. We headed back to the boat and managed to keep her occupied (or was it the other way round?) all the way back to Embankment and our hotel.

Then it was off to pick up some groceries and have Pizza Hut for dinner. I had mixed feelings about this, but made a virtuous choice of pizza (a ‘feel good flatbread’) and filled up on salad – so while I ate plenty of volume, don’t think I overate too much, calorie wise. Back to the hotel, bathe the child and put to bed, she was out like a light in 5 minutes flat – let’s hope she doesn’t wake up too early so I can watch the F1 in peace!

End result, 20k+ steps today, we are all knackered, and looking forward to hopefully a quieter day tomorow!

London, day 1&2

Well we finally made it to England late yesterday afternoon after 2 days of travelling and about 20 hours cooped up in 3 different planes. The good news is that Clare’s new travel sickness medication seemed to work pretty well and Emilia was far less of a handful than I expected so we arrived tired but in pretty good spirits.

Our accommodation isn’t quite as nice as our last two trips – but on the upside it’s cheaper, we have more space, and since it’s an apartment we can self cater. There’s also a gym right next door that’s free for hotel guests to use – I’ll train more than I thought I would.

We’ve had a pretty decent day today – did the hop on hop off bus tour, showed Emilia a lot of the sights including Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Westminster. She ran out of gas and fell asleep just before we arrived at Hamley’s which was a pretty incredible experience, a toy shop like something out of Harry Potter, with stuff going in everywhere you look! Part of me thinks it was a shame she missed it and part of me is glad as I don’t think we’d have been able to leave without a scene….

Anyway I’ve trained, been a tourist all day, cooked dinner and written a wedding speech tonight – so really it’s been a pretty decent day all round. Hope the rest of our trip goes like this! Photos later 🙂