Well, I am completely frustrated.

I got a Treo 750 a few months ago as my work mobile – it’s an absolutely awesome phone in most ways, and I’m pretty grateful to my work for letting me have one!

My problems started when I decided I needed a bluetooth car kit for it. First I bought a Parrot C3000 Evolution to fit in the Excel. I blew it up.. but that’s another story.

I then ended up changing cars and now I’ve got a nice 04 model Holden Combo. Nothing flash, but it’s the perfect vehicle for running around town with my day job as well as carting computers and parts etc for the side business. But, I need handsfree – I’m sick of pulling over to the side of the road to answer calls!

So, I bought a JVC head unit (a KD-BT1 with onboard Bluetooth, thinking that would save me some hassle, and I needed a new head unit to replace the factory one anyway.

Well I’m blowed if the damn thing will pair…. it sees the car kit, but the car kit can’t connect to the phone. Palm can’t help me (“it’s not on our list of compatible devices”) and JVC can’t help me (“make sure your device has Bluetooth version 2.1”) so I’m stuck.

The only way I can get it to pair is by installing a third party Bluetooth stack from Broadcomm… which doesn’t exist, officially. I did find one (which someone had actually ported to the HTC Universal) on XDA-Developers which will run on my device, and it pairs with the head unit fine, but no sound comes out when I make a call.

So I’m back to square one, with no car kit… argh!!!!

Now’s the time for me to have a little rant then… I thought Bluetooth was supposed to be a standardised technology for crying out loud? Why does Palm have to have their own proprietary bloody Bluetooth stack which only works with certain things? It’s just making things difficult for your customers!

Anyway…. I am without a handsfree… still… guess I’ll have to keep pulling over.

Side note… I’ve updated WordPress to the latest version… updated Coppermine too…. new host is fantastic, so far…

Thanks for listening!