UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 5

Saturday today – the fifth day since the operation on Monday. I had really hoped that by now the worst of the pain would be past, but I really didn’t feel any better this morning.

I was lights out by 10:30pm, but seemed to be waking up sore every hour or so and spent quite a bit of time up and down to spit in the sink and gargle. Took an Endone about 1am, and ended up taking Targen and paracetamol a couple of hours earlier than usual at 5am. Managed to get a couple of decent hours sleep after that, but once again woke up feeling awful. Lost my rag with miss five and the dog a little bit, was feeling pretty down and had zero motivation to cook breakfast, nor was I feeling particularly hungry. But I’ve gotta eat, so forced down some greek yoghurt and frozen blueberries with a drizzle of honey, washed down with a cup of weak tepid tea. I’ve been trying to limit dairy a little bit because it does tend to make my throat more phlegmy but I didn’t feel congested afterward.

Did some grocery shopping after that, it was nice to get out and about, and buy a few more soft treats including some scallops for tea tonight. Had some heartburn while I was wandering round the supermarket – been getting that a bit this week, I assume it’s related to the surgery and the gunk I’m swallowing.

I also had a frozen Coke No Sugar from Maccas on the way home and boy, did that hit the spot. Made it last all the way home, through unpacking the shopping, and most of the way through a walk with the dog. Then I took another Endone when I got home and since the womenfolk were out for the morning, had a chance to chillax in front of the cricket for a while and enjoy the blissful silence.

Had soup for lunch, and the wife, unbidden, brought home a McFlurry from McDonalds – bless her. That went down well too. I also tried to drink some diet ginger beer but that burnt too much, although I put it back in the fridge to flatten out a bit and it was quite tolerable a few hours later.

Experienced a bout of proper constipation this afternoon, and ended up producing the biggest dump the world has ever seen. I’m hoping to avoid a repeat performance, so took some senna based laxatives and intend to keep taking them til I’m eating normally and off the painkillers.

Unfortunately, I had another meltdown at dinner time. I cooked scrambled eggs with scallops, as well as some ham and mushroom and onion. I felt pretty good before eating but it didn’t take long before my throat was really hurting and I’m pretty sure the salty ham was the culprit. Anyway, I spat the dummy and took a break from eating, and when I came back was able to eat the rest with less pain by avoiding the ham. After that I had a shower, took some more Endone and watched a movie with the wife. We had a pretty good evening in the end.

To summarise, I think the pain levels have been, on average, slightly lower today, and it’s the first day since the operation that I really haven’t had any daytime naps. The two might be connected, I don’t know.

I’m still seeing small amounts of fresh (as well as old) blood in my spit regularly though, and that’s been bothering me. Until now I’ve just assumed the wound is just weeping or something, but if it doesn’t stop soon, and the pain doesn’t really start to ramp down, I’ll have to go back to hospital and get things looked at. Fingers crossed.

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