UPPP Surgery – Recovery Day 8

Another night on the couch – two decent snatches of sleep (a few hours each) broken by waking up in agony that Panadol and Zooper Doopers barely make a dent in. I’ve also had a bit of a stomachache all day, I think continuing to take the laxatives even after stopping the opiates might’ve been a bad idea. Will leave them out tomorrow and see if things improve.

Aside from that, it’s been a pretty unremarkable day. Walked the dog twice, did lots of Netflixing, and tried to keep the throat pain at bay. It was mostly manageable – down to maybe 3 or 4 out of 10 – but mealtimes still suck donkeys balls and jump back to 6 or 7. Ate pretty light, but forced down some soup, ice cream and custard for dinner tonight. Was pleasantly surprised that swallowing some Panadol an hour or so later didn’t take a whole lot of effort.

My voice still feels pretty weak and I don’t want to talk loudly or for long periods, it hurts and I get hoarse very fast.

Today was Tuesday – I’ve got aspirations of getting into the gym for some very light lifting most likely on Thursday, and possibly going back to sleeping in bed that night too. Fingers crossed.

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