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Let there be rock:

Pics are here, here and here.

It looks fairly tidy (and it doesn’t sound half bad either, just quietly) ūüėČ

Not too bad without amps – haven’t had a chance to try out mp3 playback yet but my burnt CDs sure sound pretty good.

Played the really heavy version of Haunted by Evanescence on the way home and the bass was enough to cause a rumbling in the ol’ bowels.

New alarm is heaps better as well, I feel a lot more secure now – hopefully the insurance company will like it too ūüôā

Australia rocks!

One of the most riveting games of cricket I’ve ever seen!

India batted well and finish on 4/296 after their 50 overs. Australia gets off to a fantastic start with Gilchrist smashing them all over the park, but after 9 overs a big storm comes over.

After the rain clears a revised total is set of 225 from 34 overs. Australia restarts with only one wicket down in the tenth over, and looking well placed.

However some good Indian bowling brings it right down to the wire.

In the final over Australia is 8/218 with 3 deliveries left. Brett Lee is on strike, Andy Bichel is at the non-strikers left. With the equation showing 7 runs off 3 deliveries to win – the game looks over.

Brett Lee hits a 6 over cover, and the crowd goes absolutely insane. I go insane! Probably half of Australia goes insane!

One run off two balls to win and it’s pretty much a formality, and Lee smashes another ball to cover which is misfielded, and they complete the winning run with one ball to spare in the match.

Did you really need that commentary? Probably not. But it was damn good to watch, so if you’re a cricket fan and you didn’t see it, then your loss! ūüėČ

Stereo goes in tomorrow – man, this is soooo gonna rock. First thing I’ll be doing is taking photos. ūüėÄ

Jack Black

When I mentioned Jack Black before – how did I forget Shallow Hal? I’ve got the damn movie on DVD for goodness sake.


My interesting discovery for the day – did you know you can buy energy drinks like “V” from the supermarket in bulk? (I bought a couple of 4 packs.) ūüôā

Is this dangerous? Will this encourage parents to buy them as a readily available drink for their kids? These things can cause side effects if taken in large enough doses….

This has probably been the case for a long time and I’ve just never noticed. Supermarkets tend to be somewhere I avoid, it’s only been the last month or so since I got back from a trip away that I’ve really been shopping regularly (a quest to lose weight – on a side note, I’ve gone from 107 kilos to 101 kilos in 4 weeks – it’s great to be seeing results without having to try to hard) ūüôā

My second interesting discovery for the day, which is perhaps less noteworthy – AC/DC sound fucking awesome in the standard stereo of the ute. I shudder to think what it’ll sound like with the new one. Not too long till I find out ūüôā

School Of Rock!

Man, I just watched this movie – Jack Black is impressing me more and more every day. About the only time I ever remember seeing or hearing about him is his role in Empire Records. There’s gotta be plenty of other times I’ve noticed him but that’s the only one that really comes to mind.

What the fuck has this guy been doing all his life? Man, he cracks me up!

Got the Tenacious D self titled album a couple of weeks ago, and some of the skits are just fuckin hilarious! I’ve been listening to it pretty constantly. Come to think of it, I just put it on then ūüėČ

For those who’ve never seen this movie – get it!

School Of Rock gets my thumbs up for this evening ūüėõ


Three days off, as of now. Absolutely stoked with that. On Friday I’m getting a new stereo installed in the ute, plus an upgraded alarm system. I will post some pictures when it’s done, it should sound fuckin awesome! ūüôā

We got beaten in the cricket. Sucks to be Australia (actually to the Indians credit, they played pretty well. We gave it a decent shake but they were too good in the end.)

I don’t really have anything exciting to blog about – I could ramble about all the crap that’s going on at work at the moment but I’m a bit worried that one of the staff might read it, which wouldn’t be good!

RIP David Hookes. ūüôĀ


Thank goodness for short weeks, and long weekends….

One work day to go!


India looking good!

Been happily lying prostrate on the couch for the last couple of hours since I got home from work – India 2/303 from 50 overs look like they’ve set Australia an almost impossible task in the one dayer at the Gabba.

Nobody’s ever successfully chased over 300 at that ground. Hrm!

Also trying to read Dreamcatcher at the same time – I got almost halfway through it the other day on the flight back home, and haven’t picked it up since I got back.

For anyone who’s interested, the Evanescence concert absolutely rocked! Amy has a real energy on stage (although not quite as much as the lead singer of the first backup band) and the show was great, my only regret is that it was only short. They only played about 3 songs that weren’t on Fallen, and I think about 10 or 11 songs all up. Having heard a lot of their earlier stuff that was a bit disappointing.

But still – they opened with Haunted and played it HEAVY – just the way it should be played…the really heavy beat and bassline once you get into that song is what makes it so great. The whole place was vibrating, it was pretty cool. I just wish I’d brought my camera instead of relying on shitty phonecam pics.


Oh, just to add one thing to that last post:


That is all.

PS: OK, I lied, that’s not all. Man, I gotta learn this stuff! Very, very decent. Now if only I had an eye for colour. ūüôā

A brand new blog….

The problem with blogs is that invariably if you spend a lot of time creating one, you have nothing to write. Or, like me, you end up screwing around with it and consistently breaking things, until you become so exhausted your brain can’t form a cohesive sentence.

Thankfully I’ve decided that at least for tonight, that’s not going to happen. I’ve been wandering around the web looking at what other people have been able to do with the (absolutely fantastic btw) WordPress template, and some of the more visually exciting blogs out there. However given that this is currently hosted on my adsl connection with a mighty 128k upload) and given that my experience with CSS and PHP is limited to, well…nothing…. for now, I’ve just stuck to changing a couple of colours.

If anyone wants to give me any pointers though, they’re more than welcome! ūüôā

For that matter, I need some links. The right hand column is looking decidedly bare – the only site I seem to visit these days is Whirlpool, and perhaps the news.