Sunday 12/08/18

Syndicated this post from my training log for posterity, even though it has nothing to do with training. I’ve created a new category called disordered eating. Plan to write quite a bit more about that in the next week or so to get some stuff off my chest. Learning a lot.

Full Retard

I’ve hit binge eating critical mass. 3 nights in a row, last night’s was epic – I’ll let the MFP log do the talking:

I am amazed I didn’t spew, although I have been suffering some GI distress, unsurprisingly, and have spent lots of time on the toilet. Decided not to track food this week. Wasn’t even going to weigh myself, but did because I need to accept that the scales don’t define me. Went from 64.6kg to 67.8kg overnight.

Continued on at breakfast this morning. Had porridge, 3 bowls of cereal, 4 slices of toast, 3 cruskits and a whole grain english muffin all slathered in butter, honey, jam and Nutella, plus 4 coffees. But who’s counting.

I’m now convinced these are recovery binges (see and and )

Unfortunately I’m too damn uncomfortable to train today.

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